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Drugs and Behavior Reaction Paper


Guidelines for Writing the Reaction Paper


  1. The reaction paper should be 200 – 300 words long.  The paper must be typed – no handwritten papers will be accepted.  It is to be spell checked and double-spaced. 


  1. The cover sheet should contain meeting information and your name.  Be sure to include the meeting location, date and time of meeting.  Also list the speaker(s) that attended the meeting.


  1. Grammar, spelling and adherence to format will affect the overall grade of the paper.


  1. Remember that the reaction paper is primarily a discussion of your reaction to the meeting that you attended.  It is not a report or summary of what took place at the meeting.  Give reasons for your discussions and feelings.  Critically analyze the experience to which you are reacting. Note that critique does not necessarily mean simply saying something negative about the meeting.  Your analysis should address issues such as: what were the strengths/weaknesses of the meeting; what could be added to the experience/meeting to make it better or more complete; do you think the meeting you attended is an effective tool for recovering addicts and/or their families; was this meeting a good choice for you to experience; anything else that you may wish to add.


  1. Give a description about the protocol: how the meeting was run?  Was there a specific format followed or did people kind of “wing it”?  What kind of building was your meeting in (a formal place such as a drug rehab center or YMCA); a rented establishment such as a church; etc.  Include any other relevant details.


The due date for this paper is November 14th, 2013.


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