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Drugs and Behavior Research Paper


Guidelines for Writing the Research Paper


  1. Papers are to be typed and double-spaced.  The paper is expected to be well written; well organized and demonstrates substantial research.  The paper is to be typed on regular white stock paper with black ink.  Handwritten papers will not be accepted.

  2. In addition to the typed report, an emailed final copy is required as well.  The paper should be emailed to  Please insure that the emailed copy is the final draft as I will be using the emailed copy as part of the overall grade for the paper. 

  3. The nature of this research paper indicates that a minimum of 500 words should meet the standard for a satisfactory grade provided that the paper is well written with documented research.

  4. The cover sheet should contain the title of the paper and your name.  Simply staple the paper, in the top left corner; do not submit in any type of folder, plastic sleeve, etc.  There are no pictures; drawings; or other artwork to appear on the cover.  You are encouraged to include pictures and drawings within the body of your paper. 

  5. As the research paper reflects research, more than one source must be used in the paper’s development.  Any source may be used in the preparation of the paper – books; scientific journal articles; internet; etc.  Each source must be listed on a page titled “Reference List” which is placed at the end of the research paper, and is alphabetized according to author.  Refer to format notes below.  A minimum of three (3) resources must be used with at least one (1) of these sources an internet website.  All of your resources may come from the internet.  I encourage you to use only the internet for your research as you will find the most up-to-date information online.


Format for reference list:



Reference List



Freds, L. (2007)  Finding the way back.  Washington, DC.  Smith Press

Williams, L. & Harvey, P.  (2009)  Life with drugs.  New York, N.Y.

            Falmer Press.


Newspaper/Journal/Magazine Article:

Handel K.  (2006)  How I survived the 1960’s without losing my way or otherwise

dying.  Keeping It Green Quarterly, v. 36, p. 63-78.



Website:  September 3, 2009


The due date for the research paper is November 21st, 2013.

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