← ↑ These pictures show the main entrance to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The rockets shown are actual rockets and engines that were used by NASA in the exploration of space.

 ← These pictures were taken from across the Banana River.  They are pictures of the launching platforms.

 ←  This is the

platform that moves

the Space Shuttle out

to the launching pad.

 ← ↑  These pictures are of the various Launch Complexes.  I have included pictures of the signs so that you can identify the various structures.


Some of the native wildlife.  →  

 ← The main shuttle housing unit.  Notice the missing tiles - they were lost during a recent hurricane!

 ←  This is a re-creation of the actual control room that was used to send the Apollo Spacecraft to the Moon.  Notice the various company jackets - these were the companies that built the rockets.

← ↑  These pictures are of various rockets and engines of spacecraft.

 This is the transport bus that was used to take the Apollo Astronaut Crew out to the rocket.

The pictures below are of the various modules that are part of the International Space Station.  While they are not the actual modules, they are the modules that the astronauts used during their many hours of training in learning how to attach them to the space station; how each module works; and the purpose of the module. 

 ←  The question of "How do they go to the bathroom?" is now answered!


Shower  → 

Space suit worn by

Shuttle Crew  →


↑  Models of a completed International Space Station.  ↑

← ↑  These pictures are of a sealed room where technicians are working on a module to send up to the space station.  The first picture is the outside of this building.

↓  These pictures are of an actual size space shuttle.  Notice the heat tiles - each one has an individual number and size as each one is specifically made to handle the heat at that particular impact point.

←  Has nothing to do with NASA.  This is an actual picture of an Air Force Pilot doing a flyby with his airplane!

↑  Astronauts Memorial.  ↑


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