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Lesson Topics

     Land of Hope and Glory,


           Mother of the Free,


      How shall we extol thee,


           Who are born of thee?


 Animals   Homework Assignments
 Astronomy  Lab Notes
 Bacteria & Plants  Videos
 Cells & Heredity  Research/Science Projects
 Chemical Building Blocks


 Chemical Interactions


 Earth's Changing Surface

 Research Links

 Earth's Water

 State-wide Exams

 Electricity & Magnetism

Science Activities

 Environmental Science  Chess-in-the-Schools
 Evolution/Creation Science  GLOBE Program
 Forensics  Imagineering Society
 Human Biology & Health  Robotics & SIM City
 Inside Earth  Science Fieldtrips

 Introduction To Science

 Motion, Forces & Energy

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 Science Literacy
 Sound & Light

 War Studies    I'll take my country...

 " nation, under God..."

 Weather & Climate 

 "One nation, under me."

            - God