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The search for intelligent life begins here.


Aluminum Facts Everything you ever wanted to now about Aluminum.  Thanks to Rory and her teacher Ms. Kent for this submission.
Bad Astronomy Dr. Plait's site dedicated to debunking "bad astronomy" facts that are often seen on television and the movies.
Becoming Human An online journey through the process of human evolution.
Cells Alive! Complete information and everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you may not want to know) about cells.
Creation Science Explains the creationist theory on the origins of man and the universe.
Earthquakes - Real-time Data U.S. Geological Survey website.  Provides real-time data on earthquakes around the world.
Eclipse Eclipse photography.
Evolution All you ever wanted to know about evolution.
Herkimer Diamonds Herkimer Diamonds are found in upstate New York and are the unofficial mineral of New York.  Thanks to Charles Snider, co-founder of American Geode for this submission.
Human Space Flight - Real-time Data NASA website which enables you to track where humans are in space during space flights.
International Space Station Locator Website which enables you to track the International Space Station.
Leakey Foundation An organization committed to research related to human origins.
Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Research This website describes the research activities of a science team that are investigating the causes and effects of lightning as well as analyzing a wide variety of atmospheric measurements related to thunderstorms.
Meteor Crater All you ever wanted to know about the best preserved meteor impact crater in the world.
NASA's Image Access NASA website containing hundreds of pictures of our neighbors in space.
Oil Production Information U.S. Geologic World Energy Project website that provides an understanding of the quantity, quality and geologic distribution of world oil and gas resources.
Periodic Table of Elements Website giving detailed information about the periodic table.
Planetary Data System The Planetary Data System archives digital data from past and present NASA planetary missions, astronomical observations and laboratory measurements.
Scientific World Scientific World will provide you with powerful tools and resources both to create, acquire, and manage scientific knowledge and to accelerate and enhance your science research work.
Space Environment Center National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's website is the official source for space weather alerts, warnings and forecasts.
Space Weather Bureau Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.
Transition Metals These are forty (40) common transition metals.
Walking With Dinosaurs On-line information about the movie and other pre-historic shows.




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