Note:  These are the listed questions used for each video lab - if you were absent for the viewing of the film,

             you are still required to hand-in these questions with completed answers.  You may find the answers on the

             website or you may search for them online.  All video notes are in PDF format.

Astronomy Videos
Astronomy Video
Planets & The Solar System Video
Exploring Our Solar System Video
Stars & Constellations Video
The Sun, Earth & Moon Video
Earth's Changing Surface Videos
Born Of Fire Video
Our Dynamic Earth Video
When The Earth Quakes Video
Inside the Earth Videos
Every Stone Has A Story Video - Part 1
Every Stone Has A Story Video - Part 2
Splendid Stones Video
What's The Earth Made Of Video
Weather & Climate Videos
Atmosphere - On The Air Video
Natural Disaster Video
Telling The Weather Video

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