Microscope Safety.

Note: Be sure to review the history of the microscope and the parts of the microscope.  Links are provided at bottom of page.

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1. Always carry the microscope with two hands - one on the arm and one underneath the base of the microscope.  Hold it up

    so that it does not hit tables or chairs.  Never swing the microscope.


2. Do not touch the lenses.  If they are dirty, please raise your hand and ask for the special lens paper to clean the lenses.


3. If using a microscope with a mirror, do not use direct sunlight as the light source - eye damage may result.  If using a

    microscope with a light, turn off light when not in use.


4. Be cautious when handling glass slides and cover-slips. Please do not handle broken glass - notify teacher.


5. Always clean slides and microscope when finished.  Store microscope set on the lowest objective with the nosepiece turned

    down to its lowest position (using the coarse adjustment knob).  If using a lighted microscope, turn off light before pulling

    out the plug.


6. Cover microscope with dust cover and return microscope to storage if so requested.

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